“I Don’t Like” vs. “I Would Like”

It is typically the job of leaders and managers to critique and correct subordinates’ work. This is no easy task. A critique delivered wrong can demean the hard work that an employee is probably quite proud of.

Let’s pick on the all too easy to throw around “I Don’t Like.” Let me get straight to the point on this. No body gives a shit what you don’t like. Not even the people that WANT to serve you as their manager or leader. Don’t tell someone that you don’t like the work they have done. It’s frickin frackin rude.

Now, let’s talk about the somehow elusive “I Would Like”. An insecure leader is going to be hard pressed to believe that someone would care about what they want. The only way to find out is to tell employee’s what you would like. Tell them want you want. If you have been a good leader, these people would love to deliver and make you happy.

If you think it is not worth the effort and if you also think it is the responsibility of the employee to not be so sensitive about it, you should probably take a moment to pull your head out of your ass.

Think of it this way. You job as a leader, if you can even call yourself that, is to take the people junior to you on a journey of fulfilling meaningful work. This won’t happen unless your attitude about work and what it means to delegate it to your followers improves.

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