Being Confident isn’t Having Confidence

“Be confident.”, they say.

How the shit do you do that? Lemme puff up my chest and walk with a limp, I guess.

*SMACK!* Stop it.

Being confident isn’t something you do. Matter of fact, don’t even worry with it.

To be confident, you must be OK with everything going wrong. Accepting and nearly welcoming shit getting stupid is the way to go.

Watch how people handle embarrassing situations. People in a situation that makes them feel insecure will clearly wish they had a bag to put over their heads, or they will do something to correct. Someone totally cool with how something embarrassing that just happened will not only seem OK with it, but ACTUALLY be OK with it. Everyone in the room will remain comfortable too. It’s so damn magical.

Confidence isn’t the absence of insecurity, actually. It is being nearly happy and certainly comfortable with your insecurity.

Don’t bother faking it. You’ll be made if you do. Love your flaws! Stop being a little bitch.

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