Software Developers are Happy

Software developers are in fact, happy people.

This seems counter intuitive since I.T. and software developers are grumpy in demeanor. To be clear, you can be grumpy and happy at the same time. Remember the Grouch from Sesame Street?

The job is grueling, the challenges are mentally exhausting, and the semi-colons are elusive. But developers have the power to create every visually tantalizing digital thing you see and interact with.

The websites that funnel your business. The video game you can’t get enough of. The dating app that’s got you swiping left for your own self esteem. All of these are the creations of developers.

Developers have the power to disseminate happiness, pleasure, and misery.

If one decides power is what makes them feel fulfilled and fulfillment is what makes one happy, then that one is happy.

Yeah, we (developers) are pretty freaking happy!

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