Got to Have Scientific Evidence. Good for Freakin’ You.

Let me tell you about your coveted scientific evidence. It’s fucking paid for. Whatever you think works medically, was only studied because it was going to make some money or award someone a Nobel Peace Prize.

I don’t even have to tell you that people study shit that they want or hope will work. Thank God for the FDA… well for the most part. Remember the opioid crisis. Yeah, I have to ask if you remember because it’s still a problem and it isn’t important for elections at the moment so the media has toned it down. (Btw, shit’s not important to the media when it’s not important to you, ass.)

Some of the most incredible things on Earth are the things most of us haven’t found. They haven’t been found because they couldn’t be sold.

Stop being a stuffy bitch. Go experience some things that are different than what’s printed in the canonical books of science.

This doesn’t mean go and do something ridiculously stupid and get yourself killed.

It means go find the wonderful things life has to offer that couldn’t be capitalized on!

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