Anything is Possible

As a developer, I have the mindset that anything is possible. Most developers believe this..

If a software developer says something can’t be done, they are lying. If a developer says something will take time, might as well believe that. Some of the simplest tasks have become unbelievably cumbersome for reasons that only a developer would understand.

On the flip side of believing anything is possible, are people who say something is not meant to do something. I am baffled by this thinking and damn near loath the impotence of any human being that suggests this.

The most amazing and creative solutions in the world have come from unexpected results and the willingness of a person to try shit for the sake of trying shit.

I have witnessed people saying a thing is not possible for me to turn around and make it work so many times, but what pisses me off the most is that these people don’t like being told a thing won’t work any more than I do.

What fucking hypocrites. Insecure people feel stupid or don’t like when someone has a better idea then they do. It’s pathetic and sad. Fucking haters, man.

Having said all that, if you have a creative idea, go make it work. If it doesn’t work, rework it till it works. That’s how incredible things are created in the world.

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