The Ones With the Marketing Skills Run the Country

That’s right folks! You voted for the mother fucker who had a good marketing team and not so much the most qualified person for the job.

Know what else that means? When their poor leadership is running shit, that gets well marketed too! Yay! Stupidity all around!

It’s not politicians fault though….

If an employer doesn’t like how an employee does a job, they need to remember whose job it was to hire someone for that job. An employee doing a poor job is the result of a hiring manager doing a poor job.

… my point is, voters are responsible for voting for people they “think” is qualified. What voters “think” is based on what is presented to them in marketing.

The people that win elections are good at talking, presenting, motivating, marketing, and dealing with adversities within the realm of these things listed. We can only hope they are good at leading and making tough decisions with other people’s money and lives.

The most qualified people for public office are out there. We just don’t know about them and it is quite likely they don’t even know themselves.

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